Democrat Candidate for Pima Board of Supervisors District 1

Brian Radford 

I support Affordable Healthcare, Public Education, Public Safety, Clean Air and Water, Equal Opportunity, Living Wages, Social Security and Medicare, Paid Family Leave, and a Right to Make Personal Choices Privately.

A​bout me...about YOU!


I can tell you all about me, and that I love living in Pima County for several years now.  I'm a Dad and proud Foster Parent and have had numerous experiences and work titles.  I'm blessed with the best title of all, Dad!

However, I would rather talk to YOU and hear your thoughts and ideas.  What excites you today about living in Pima County and what future would you like to see in your district?  As your elected Board Supervisor for District 1, I would like to be YOUR voice!!

Leadership, integrity, and vision...

I am professional and passionate about bringing out the best in people and making our voices heard together as we move forward!  With 35 years of work experience in my tool belt, I have the tools, knowledge, skills and leadership abilities to get the job done!  Having worked in various positions and ranks within manufacturing, customer service, state civil service, export/import markets, polymer industry, wire and cable industry, steel manufacturing industry, and corrections law enforcement field, I have a vast skill set of knowledge to deal with and positively impact decision making as your next Pima Board Supervisor! 

I, therefore, ask for your support and YOUR VOTE!!

Join our campaign and share your voice!!

                                        EVERY VOTE COUNTS!!

Free Speech and News

I support the First Amendment right to free speech and the press.  Th​e public has the right to ​speak out where there's a valid grievance to be heard,  Also, the press, journalists and media have a right and duty to report the truth and to inform the public and all of society.

Term Limits

I support term limits for elected officials.  Fresh and new ideas are impeded when career politicians remain in elected positions for decades.  Times change and leadership should change.  We must be innovative and open to change and explore better and more efficient government.


I support free and public education at all levels to include early childhood education/Preschool, K-12, public colleges and universities.  Education is the foundation of a free society and provides so many opportunities for preparing youth for the workforce as well as training for displaced workers.


I support affordable healthcare for all.  Access to healthcare is vital for routine health wellness and fitness, vaccinations, as well as catastrophic diagnosis such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc...  A person's ability to pay should not prevent them from receiving care, proper treatment, access to prescription medications, home healthcare, or any other medical assistance deemed necessary by a medical provider.


I support clean air and water as well as renewable energy sources.  We must protect our environment and natural resources that allow our planet to sustain life.  We must make a concerted effort to reduce carbon emissions and support initiatives that will slow, if not, reduce the effects of climate change and global warming.  I support science in this effort.

Some of the important issues voters in Pima County have discussed with me recently during my campaign are the need for street repair and road maintenance, public safety spending, education spending for teachers and public schools, funding for school lunch programs for all children, living wages and job opportunities, affordable housing, and affordable healthcare.  I also support the need for improvement in these same areas and pledge to make them a priority when I become your next Pima County Board Supervisor.

Our District 1

Covering Oro Valley, a portion of Marana, Catalina and the Tucson Foothills, our District 1 is a mix of rural and suburban communities that share similar and diverse views on issues concerning the District and Pima County.  As your next Board Supervisor, I pledge to ensure your voice is heard in all current and future matters before the Board!

As I travel through our communities in District 1, I hope to hear YOUR ideas and concerns so that I may be YOUR voice as your elected representative to the Board of Supervisors of Pima County.  I thank you for all your support and your vote!!

To donate via check or money order, please mail to:

Brian Radford for Supervisor

PO Box 8592  Tucson, AZ  85738

To volunteer or support in other ways, email us at:

[email protected]

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What our supporters are saying

Brian is a great leader and has always put people first.  He will work hard as our next Board Supervisor for District 1 and make sure our voices are heard in Pima County.

- Darrell M.

Radford has a good heart when dealing with people.  He is always polite and happy to assist others.  A true public service minded leader.

- Michelle C.

Pima County Candidate for Board of Supervisors - District 1


* Dad and Foster Parent

* Tucson Resident nearly 20 years

* Retired Corrections Law Enforcement

* Kent State University Alumni '93

* Graduate of Cuyahoga Falls HS